Other services

Besides debt collection, K.C.S also provides:

1. Business Administration Services, especially for foreign citizens or companies holding business or property in Romania which they cannot manage properly due to lack of time.

2. Management and implementation of your company products and services with a view to increasing sales and turnover.

3. Drafting commercial contracts, assistance and support in concluding them.

4. Carrying out extra judiciary, accounting, real estate and other expert analyses.

5. In addition to debt recovery services, K.C.S. also provides brokerage services for the sale and purchase of receivables and litigation rights

K.C.S. intermediate sales purchases of receivables and litigation rights, in conditions of confidentiality and professionalism.
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We have devised the above mentioned ancillary services to assist our clients in managing their business in the most accurate and clear manner.

In case you find yourself in one of the above situations or in similar ones, you can contact us in one of the ways made available in the “Contact” section or by filling in the form below:

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This website has an informative character and it presents the services offered by K.C.S.

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