About us

The K.C.S. company is represented by a young team of highly qualified professionals who undergo permanent training, both as a team and individually, through self-study. They are well motivated, committed and deal with all the cases as if they concerned them personally. Our team includes lawyers FLORINA PITEI, ADRIAN GAGIU, ANTOANETA BRANISTE, CRISTINA GOATA who have been training intensely in legally overseen debt collection negotiation and assessment, as well as other LEGAL ADVISORS, MEDIATORS, MANAGERS, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS and other associate professionals of various trades who assist us in collecting your debts.

We have set up an efficient working system which is meant to help you understand clearly and cover all the required steps for collecting your debts in the shortest delay, so that together we may collect the debts as soon as possible, with maximum efficiency and in a legal framework.

Our consultants, lawyers, case managers, legal advisors, chartered accountants provide specialised consultancy, mostly in debt collection and, when needed, alternative solutions to your problems and requests in our field of expertise.

For each case we carry out an individual assessment of the debtor. The decision to move on with the collection belongs totally to the client and his/her acceptance is given by signing a mandate contract.

We apply the same yardstick to all clients so that we may enjoy together the satisfaction of a well and timely done job, as we are aware that the commendation of a satisfied client or partner is the best publicity for us.

Besides debt collection, K.C.S. also provides support services in business administration, management, drawing up contracts, carrying out studies on various themes, accountancy for clients’ companies, drawing up extrajudicial reports as means devised towards managing activities as accurately and clearly as possible.

This website has an informative character and it presents the services offered by K.C.S.

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