Working system

K.C.S has devised and implemented an efficient working system, meant to help you understand very well and cover all the necessary steps for the collection of your debts in the shortest possible time, so that, by working together in a legal framework, we can collect the debts in the shortest delay and with maximum efficiency.

The moment you contact us through our secretary’s office you will be given the information required for working together, K.C.S. and you. In case you wish to have more detailed information about the case you intend to commission to us and about the manner of solving it you shall be scheduled for a consultancy meeting.

This meeting is chargeable and shall take place at the K.C.S. headquarters.

During the meeting you give us your list of debtors, we study your documents confirming your debt receivable and the correspondence you had had with your debtor up till that moment. Also during that meeting we present to you the manner in which K.C.S. will work together with you.

A case manager shall be assigned to you and, once the terms and conditions of our cooperation are established, we will sign the mandate contract. You will be keeping in touch with your assigned case manager throughout the contract execution. He/she will know all the content of the commissioned case and will provide you with information as requested.

K.C.S. will adopt the most adequate and efficient working strategy for the collection of your debts as a function of the content of the commissioned case, its characteristics and complexity, so that we collect together your debts in a legal framework, in the shortest possible delay and with maximum efficiency.

This website has an informative character and it presents the services offered by K.C.S.

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