Commercial debt collection

The consultancy in view of the collection of debts flowing from commercial contracts concluded among professionals takes place before signing the mandate contract and is carried out in a previously scheduled meeting, at the K.C.S. headquarters.

The services of mandate-based active representation aim at collecting debts flowing from commercial contracts concluded among professionals, resulting from:

  • employer’s unjustified refusal to pay salary rights;
  • unjustified refusal of a client to pay the counter value of delivered goods;
  • unjustified refusal of a client to pay the counter value of services rendered;
  • refusal to pay copyrights;
  • refusal to pay the selling price of shares or of company equity shares.

In order to find an optimal solution to the case, the K.C.S. team takes all necessary action to collect outstanding debt, covering the following steps (and more if necessary):

  • Obtaining detailed information on associates, administrators, goodwill and possible pledges on the debtor’s goods;      
  • Verifying the existence of other debtors and of other attempts to enforce a judgment on the debtor;
  • Verifying the existence of a possible insolvency procedure initiated against the debtor;
  • Drafting contracts, mediation requests, notifications, demands for payment to debtors;
  • Client representation in the relation with the debtor during direct reconciliation, with a view to finding an amiable solution;
  • Tracking payments of commercial debts by debtors up to the full debt collection;
  • Lodging complaints, bringing actions, criminal actions and requests having as object debt collection;
  • Entering the debtor’s name on the blacklist of debtors;
  • Legal assistance for both creditors and debtors when enforcing a judgment;
  • When a judgment is obtained, consulting and representation during judgment enforcement;
  • Establishing guarantees;
  • Enforcing judgment on debtor with the assistance of an officer of the court.

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