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If you have a claim or a litigation that you wish to pass on to another person or company, K.C.S. you will be provided with consulting services and promotional services in order to mediate your claim and to capitalize it in a more efficient way.
For the case study, verifying the claim in all aspects, establishing all sales co-ordinates, K.C.S. receives a fee of 150Euro / file when signing the contract.
To send the offer or a message, use the form below (a form).

If you want to purchase a claim or a litigation right on a particular segment or as an investment, please send us a message with your request.
K.C.S. will provide you with the offers in the portfolio, will inform you honestly and clearly on all aspects, giving you free consultancy in choosing the acquisition of the claim or the litigation right you want.
To submit the offer or message use the form below.

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