K.C.S. does not charge retainer fees for the services provided!

For a commissioned case you may choose to pay yourselves the charges required for the collection of the debt or, in case you do not have the money, we can pay them for you in exchange for a higher commission.

K.C.S. gets actively involved! If you do not have money for the charges, K.C.S. will pay them for you!

In case you lack the money for the charges required to collect the debt making the object of the commissioned case (e.g. stamp duty, legal stamp duty and drawing up documents, etc.) we will pay them for you, in which case our commission will be higher.
The charges we paid shall be reimbursed to us promptly when cashing the debt. This is an alternative course of action you may choose in order to avoid exceeding the delay in which you may claim the debt, for lack of financial resources.

In order to highlight the extraordinary advantage offered by this alternative here is an example of a possible situation you may find yourself in:

Suppose you have a debt at maturity, resulting from either a civil or a commercial contract and you mandate us for its collection. Also, let us suppose that the debt is contested/ claimed in court by the debtor, so a judgment in keeping with the law in force is needed. In this situation certain charges need to be paid such as the lawyer’s fee for filing the application/case in court. Then, at case filing, you shall have to pay the stamp and legal stamp duties and, in case other preceding stages need to be covered for the application/case to be admitted, you shall have to pay the charges required for them.

What do you do if you do not have the money for all these charges? Do you give up your right to the debt due, or do you wait until the legal delay is exceeded and the debt can no longer be claimed?

In such situations and similar ones, K.C.S. involves actively, and, based on the granted mandate, takes all necessary steps and pays all required charges in order to collect your debt, in exchange for a higher retainer fee than the one we normally charge in case you pay all the charges yourself. Such charges shall be reimbursed to us promptly upon cashing the debt.

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